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What is cork?

Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree. It's an unique and very special raw material. One that men, with all it's studies and technology couldn't yet replicate in all its greatness and excellence.

Cork's ability to retain CO2, hence reducing greenhouse gas emissions, makes this natural wonder one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable natural resources.

Cork is a 100% sustainable product. To harvest the cork no tree needs to fall! The harvesting is done by specialized professionals and the tree is not damaged during the process. It’s just like shearing a sheep!  In the following 9 years after each harvesting the cork oak will regenerate its bark and the cork will acquire a smoother texture. Considering the life of an oak tree is on average 200 years, each tree can be harvested around 17 times.

Cork is a high quality sustainable resource

Cork fabric is the perfect alternative to animal leather. In a world in need of more eco-conscious alternatives, being able to produce a high quality product, which stands the test of time, is beautiful and practical AND is still vegan and sustainable is a dream come true!

Did you know that cork fabric is...

Scratch proof
Stain resistant
Wear resistant and durable
Soft to the touch
Fire resistant